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Search the Web using the Yahoo! search engine and instantly access your favorite websites using icons within the browser toolbar

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Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox addresses all the avid Yahoo! users out there that picked Mozilla Firefox as their default web browser and constantly look for various things on the Internet through the Yahoo! search engine. Besides that, the toolbar brings a plethora of Internet access functions.

Your Yahoo! Mail account can also be accessed quickly and easily from the toolbar. It also contains built-in algorithms to prevent pop-ups and spyware. This customizable plug-in also lets you find and add RSS feeds to My Yahoo.

Customizing your Yahoo Toolbar is expeditious and facile. Integrate what you optate and abstract what you don't relish in just a couple clicks. Cull from the many apps in our gallery. If you don't optically discern a site you're probing for, just type in a URL to integrate your own app.

You can move your apps around, integrate or abstract text labels, and even transmute the size of the search box to make your Toolbar work best for you. You can transmute your Search Avail settings or cull from a variety of sites you can probe directly, like Wikipedia and Flickr.

Yahoo! Search is a web search engine, owned by Yahoo! Inc. and was as of December 2009, the 2nd most immensely colossal search directory on the web by query volume, at 6.42%, after its competitor Google at 85.35% and afore Baidu at 3.67%, according to Net Applications.

Yahoo! Search, pristinely referred to as Yahoo! provided Search interface, would send queries to a searchable index of pages supplemented with its directory of sites. The results were presented to the utilizer under the Yahoo! brand.

Yahoo! Mail is a free email accommodation offered by the American company Yahoo! It was launched in 1997, and, according to comScore, Yahoo! Mail was the third-most astronomically immense web-predicated email accommodation with 281 million users as of December 2012.

As many as three web interfaces were available at any given date. The traditional "Yahoo! Mail Classic" preserved the availability of their pristine 1997 interface until July 2013 in North America. A 2005 version included an incipient Ajax interface, drag-and-drop, amended search, keyboard shortcuts, address auto-completion and tabs.

All in all, Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox can be a great addition to your favorite web browser as long as you still pay your allegiance to the Yahoo! Search engine or you just want quick access to other features included in the pack.

Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on April 18th, 2015
Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox - With Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox installed in your browser, you can easily access some of the most visited Yahoo! webpages.Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox - Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox provides one-click access to Facebook, eBay and other websites.Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox - You can also customize the toolbar by adding your own webpages with just a few clicks.Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox - screenshot #4Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox - screenshot #5Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox - screenshot #6

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