gTranslate 0.9

Translate a word or an entire web page directly in your browser with results based on Google Translate with the help of this lightweight tool

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What's new in gTranslate 0.9:

  • Google closed its API, we switched to the unofficial API for the moment
  • No dictionary anymore (Google switched off the service)
  • ru-RU locale
  • Removed the "Detect page lang" setting
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gTranslate - gTranslate will help you translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over itgTranslate - The Options window will provide users with Translate text from and to language selection as well as Auto-detect Page language
With the Internet letting you get in touch with anyone around the world, there also needs to be a way for the interlocutors to understand each other. Google made a big step in this regard with its translator, being nowadays available for most world languages. What gTranslate wants to do is let you view the equivalent of a selection of text under one of the many implemented languages.

Seamlessly attaches to your browser

Before rushing to see what the application is all about, make sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer or you can easily adapt, because it can only be used as a corresponding extension. This cuts off some degree of flexibility, but not all of it.

You only find related options through the browser context menu and if text is selected. This is a neat advantage because it doesn't force you to arrange elements on your toolbar in a different manner, with nothing extra other than stealthy integration.

Based on a powerful online service

However, you can access a few dedicated options through the browser's extensions manager. These don't count as many and only let you pick default values, one for language input, while the other for output.

The overall process is incredibly easy and mostly requires you to select a word or text of interest. A small preview is offered in the context menu entry. You can either simply use the default configuration, or pick a different language to translate to.

A new tab opens up Google Translate containing all of your text, as well as language specifications to use. If you need to process the text, this is the place to get it in the translated form, because you can't simply save to file through application's features.

On an ending note

Bottom line is that gTranslate lives up to expectations and provides an accessible, practical and efficient method to have text translated. Since it's based on Google Translate, half of the job is flawless, while implementation of features, as well as functionality make the whole product worth at least a try.

gTranslate was reviewed by , last updated on February 20th, 2015

Runs on: Windows All

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