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Easy spoofing of the URL referrer featuring a toolbar




refspoof is a simple toolbar to allow the user to easily force the Refrerer information sent to a web site when loading an URL.

For a simple handling it uses the spoof:// pseudo-protocol, which makes it possible to store the information in a url link - which can be used in any context like HTML, bookmarks.

All you have to do is:
· Enter the URL you want to go to in Firefox URL bar
· Enter the URL you want to send as referer in the Referer field or leave the checkbox ref=url checked to send the URL as referer
· Click the "Spoof" button
Last updated on August 17th, 2008
refspoof - After you install the extension the Refspoof toolbar will appear in your browser. From this toolbar you have direct access to all of Refspoof's features.

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