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Download music / video from VK or vkontakte websites quickly and easily using this Opera extension that adds the options right on the website

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VKontakte.ru Downloader provides you with an Opera web browser extension that allows you to rapidly and effortlessly get music and videos from the VKontakte.ru or VK.com websites.

Although not as famous as Facebook, the VK social network is the second most popular website when it comes to connecting people in Europe. While started as a Russian-speaking only people website, VK has evolved into a multi-language environment, although the main language still remains the Russian.

VK is also the second best visited website in Russia, following Yandex, Russia’s Google. In a country such as Russia, the fact that VK is still run by its founder and CEO as well as a small group of investors, rather than being controlled by the state as many websites in current or former communist countries.

The VKontakte.ru Downloader Opera extension adds buttons for easy music download as well as links for all the available movie quality streams directly on the VK website. This way, you can quickly and easily download them. Just make sure you right click on the items and choose to save the contents of the link to your computer instead of just clicking on them.

Furthermore, VKontakte.ru Downloader supports natural file names as well as the possibility for you to know the approximate bitrate and full size of the file before even downloading it. Moreover, you are not limited to a number of downloads per day or anything like that.

The bottom line is that VKontakte.ru Downloader can really prove to be a great addition to the ‘Opera add-ons’ website and as long as VK’s popularity will keep up, this particular piece of software is sure to develop into a well-known tool amongst Russian-speaking Opera users.

VKontakte.ru Downloader was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 19th, 2013
VKontakte.ru Downloader - The extension adds download button for music (everywhere), and download links for videos (on the page related to video

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