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A lightweight and comprehensive Safari extension that automatically refreshes opened tabs at regular intervals so you don't have to

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For those times when you’re browsing the Internet using Safari and want to keep up with the latest updates from a certain web page, you can either mash the F5 key or you can use Auto Refresh for Safari.

The latter is a Safari extension that can automatically refresh an open tab at intervals you set. Once installed, it adds a new icon to the interface of the browser to offer you quick access to it.

When the Auto Refresh for Safari icon is clicked, it opens up a bar in which you can type the time it takes until the next refresh takes place. You also get a button that either stops or starts the timer. While it is active, the extension displays a countdown timer that starts from the value you set and resets itself automatically.

Auto Refresh for Safari proves to be a very handy extension if you’re watching a sports website and want to constantly be kept up to speed with the latest score updates. Or maybe you’re anxiously waiting for a new article to pop up on your favorite news website. Having this little tool installed, you don’t have to bother pressing any keys or clicking the refresh icon.

It’s important to note that Auto Refresh for Safari doesn’t refresh all the tabs that are opened in the browser. You get an automatic refresh only for the tab in which you start the countdown timer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since you wouldn’t want to be halfway through a video clip and have the application suddenly refresh the page. But it would of been better if you could at least choose the tabs you want to auto refresh.

In closing, Auto Refresh for Safari is by all means an extension that can prove very useful for those situations in which you need to view page updates as soon as they appear.

Auto Refresh for Safari was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 10th, 2014
Auto Refresh for Safari - This extension will refresh your websites automatically at a user specified time interval.Auto Refresh for Safari - From this window you can select a default interval and a countdown bar color.

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