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A practical extension that can capture online SWF files with one click and automatically transfers them to your computer hard drive

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Flash Downloader for Safari is a lightweight and very easy to use extension that allows you to grab Flash animations from websites in a simple manner.

With this simple Safari addon you are able to download SWF files within a few clicks. You can add it to the browser from the Safari extensions webpage or, if you have the extension file on your computer, by simply dragging it over the application interface and releasing it. It’s a task that takes you a few seconds.

After the extension is installed, it creates a new icon in the main window of the browser from where you can access it and download the clips you need.

Flash Downloader for Safari automatically identifies the clips that are embedded into the pages you browse so you don’t have to wait until it scans them. The Flash files are displayed in a list that you access by simply clicking on the extension's icon.

Once you open the list, you are able to see all the available SWF files along with information about their file size in Bytes. This way, you can estimate the time it takes for the entire file to download.

Flash Downloader for Safari also allows you to preview the clips before you download them. It comes with an embedded player that is located at the bottom of the clip list. To grab a video you don’t simply click it from the list but right click it and select the download option from the context menu. That automatically transfers the clip to your desktop, ready to be used any which way you see fit.

All-in-all, if you're looking for a simple and fast way of downloading SWF files from various websites, then you can certainly use Flash Downloader for Safari.

Flash Downloader for Safari was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 3rd, 2014
Flash Downloader for Safari - Flash Downloader for Safari is an extension that allows you to download the SWF files on any webpage.

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