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Keep in touch with your Facebook buddies on any page you visit and see what others are doing on the web using this neat Internet Explorer plugin

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The Internet brought about a new and revolutionary communication method, namely social networks. Some of the most popular have clients so that you can keep in touch with acquaintances while also doing something else, without having to constantly keep up a dedicated web page. What WhoIsLive Sidebar or IE does is let you chat with Facebook buddies while browsing any other web page, when using Internet Explorer.

Keep in touch with buddies anywhere on the web

After a successful deployment on your system, the application attaches itself to a side of Internet Explorer's main window. In order fully take advantage of what the application has to offer you need to log in using your Facebook account. Doing so automatically imports your friends list and makes it available on the side of your browser so you can also visit other pages.

View what others are visiting

The applications key feature is to enable rapid sharing of things you come across while surfing the web. What's more, you can easily view if friends are on the same page as you or quickly navigate to the one they are visiting, with a single click. However, in order for this to be possible you friends must also use the application, but chatting does not require this.

Quickly share interesting pages

Furthermore, you can initiate a conversation with any of your online buddies, without affecting pages you are visiting. Text customization options are not implemented but you can enhance chat using various emoticons. If you happen to come across content you find interesting it can easily be shared on your Facebook wall with a couple of mouse clicks.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that WhoIsLive Sidebar for IE is a neat application to keep around, especially if spend most of your time on the Internet and want your friends to know that. Clever implementation of features make the application independent of the rest of the browser, the only thing using from it is a little space which enables fast sharing and communicating.

WhoIsLive Sidebar for IE was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
WhoIsLive Sidebar for IE - WhoIsLive Sidebar for IE is a useful plugin designed to enable you to interact with other users who are browsing with you on the same web page.

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