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Download torrent files without leaving the window

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Although there is no complicated way to download files using the BitTtorrent protocol developers continue to deliver applications of utter simplicity.

Such a program is ZTorrent, an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers that allows the transfer to occur directly in the browser, without having to switch application windows.

No application window

Unlike other extensions, Ztorrent needs to be installed. However, the process is extremely fast and the only requirement is to restart the web browser at the end of the process for all the changes to take effect. During our tests we used Mozilla Firefox to check the abilities of the plug-in.

There is no application window to work with, just a simple entry in the “Plugins” section of the browser accompanied by the option to have it active at all times or be prompted for this action when the time is right, when the torrent file is added to the web browser.

Scarce details

The details available during the download operation are extremely limited. You should not expect anything else than basic information.

The files being downloaded are shown in the upper part of the screen, while at the bottom you get to see the number of connections available, the amount of pieces that have been already downloaded and the transfer speed (both download and upload). A progress bar informs on the current state of the task, which is also translated in percentage.

According to the developer, once the download of a media file completes it should be played in the browser window. However, this is possible only if the browser has the necessary plug-ins for rendering the media.


Ztorrent is one of the simplest ways to get files via the BitTorrent protocol. It allows running the media files in the web browser but in our case we could not find the download location.

ZTorrent was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
ZTorrent - With the help of ZTorrent you can easily download torrent files without leaving the browser's window

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