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Clean application which helps you watch a large number of TV channels which is periodically updated, record a stream and add your own lists

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ChrisTV Online! Premium Edition is a great player and recorder for online TV and radio. It provides possibilities to record streams as you play them, without requiring TV cables, TV tuner cards or anything of that sort.

Dependent on Internet speed and a few requirements

ChrisTV Online! Premium Edition features a rich database of TV / radio channels that updates itself regularly, so the list of stations is ever growing. The quality and speed are arguable, since these are based on signal and your Internet connection.

First off, you need to have RealPlayer installed on your computer in order to play the streams. Second, a codec package is required for an optimal playback; when filters are missing from your system, the application notifies you accordingly and informs you what exactly you need to install for proper functioning.

Straightforward GUI

The user interface is very friendly and simple, as it only consist of a few buttons, a pane in which to view video feed and a few lists of available channels. Moreover, it is possible to hide the aforementioned lists with just a click of the button. It becomes quite clear that all user categories can learn how to work with it, regardless of the absence of Help contents.

Watch a wide variety of channels, add your own and sort them

This program offers you the possibility of watching TV channels (broadband, modem, premium), radio stations, recorded streams, webcams, as well as streams from and Veetle HD. All of these can be sorted according to different items, such as popularity, language, country, category and name.

You can make new additions as well by inserting the station’s name, homepage, description, stream URL, and selecting the stream type.

Use playback controls, record a stream and search for a specific item

It is possible to play, pause and stop a stream, control the volume or mute it altogether, start recording the video feed or visit the corresponding website using your default web browser. You can easily place the utility’s frame on top of all other opened windows and the number of total viewers is sometimes displayed in the main window.

A very efficient search function allows you to quickly find stations fast and you can also send one to the Favorites folder to create a list of preferred channels. Various viewing modes are available (Frame, Compact or Full) and the window size is customizable.

A last assessment

In conclusion, ChrisTV Online! Premium Edition makes it possible to watch television without actually owning a TV. The interface is accessible to all users and all jobs are completed in a fair amount of time, without putting a strain on the system’s performance.

ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition allows you to view all your favorite TV channels.ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - You can change the display mode and add new channels from the context menu.ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition enables you to start the recording function.ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - screenshot #4ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - screenshot #5ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - screenshot #6ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition - screenshot #7

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