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Powerful application which enables you to view multimedia files from your PC and access a long list of TV and radio channels, and incorporates remote control usage

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Cyberlink PowerCinema is a powerful media content management software that comprises a plethora of tools for image editing, video and DVD playback, TV and Live Radio recording. All of these turns it into the ultimate all-in-one digital media center.

Exploring the perks that Cyberlink PowerCinema has to offer is a fun and unique experience. Equipped with an outstanding set of video and audio options, it is quite the asset for any movie or DVD collector, as well as for TV addicts. It acts as a home theater software, designed to deliver easy access to local media files, as well as online radio broadcasts.

Ad-riddled setup and clean interface

The installation process of Cyberlink PowerCinema takes quite the amount of time and towards the end, offers you to download some third-party products, yet you can skip this step with a click of the button. The program starts in full screen mode, but if you like a more compact view, you can resize it. Its looks are very stylish and while maintaining a professional appearance, it is packed with all sorts of menu animations and modern designs.

Main options

Since the application’s main purpose is to organize your media content, its menus are built accordingly. The application relies on two major sections, namely Memories and Entertainment, each of them dealing with separate types of media files.

The first one offers you access to your photos and videos, while the latter area sports the means to play movies, record TV and listen to radio.

Remote control integration

The most outstanding feature of Cyberlink PowerCinema is that you can manage it with the aid of a standard TV remote control. Within most sections of the program, you can find colored buttons (red, green, yellow) that correspond to the ones on your regular remote control. In other words, you can connect your computer to a wide TV screen and enjoy the media center experience while drinking a tea on your couch.

Conclusion and performance

To sum up, Cyberlink PowerCinema is a very complex application, yet it manages to keep things simple by providing an intuitive interface and interactive menus. It allows you to keep all your media files in one place, turning your computer into a powerful entertainment center, and all of this without putting a strain on your computer’s performance, nor presenting you with a slow response time.

Cyberlink PowerCinema was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Cyberlink PowerCinema - The main window of Cyberlink PowerCinema allows users to choose the folder they want to access.Cyberlink PowerCinema - In this window you can easily view the videos from your hard drive.Cyberlink PowerCinema - This window offers users the possibility to view the photos from their computer.

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