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You can use this simple and lightweight piece of software to listen to various German online radio stations right on your computer

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Deutche Radio Player Home is a reliable and easy to use program developed to provide you with the ability to listen to your favorite German radios on your computer.

The application is quite simple to understand and handle, requiring just a bit of button pressing before you can figure it out completely. It offers a limited number of functions, so you do not have to worry about it consuming too many system resources or being too complex to work with.

After launching Deutche Radio Player Home, it will start rendering a random German station, but you can use the 'Tuning' arrows to search for different radios. You should however wait for a few seconds before moving on to the next, in order to give the tool the chance to load all the information and start playing, which will then be displayed in its main window, along with the current date and time.

Additionally, the program enables you to increase or decrease the audio volume, using the 'Volumen' arrows, while the 'Min' button will minimize the window of Deutche Radio Player Home to the taskbar. It does not support running in the notification area, while the 'OFF' button will simply close the utility.

Moreover, Deutche Radio Player Home lets you set up to eleven different stations, by allowing you to assign them to the several buttons in the interface, that display Roman numbers. As such, you can click on the targeted button, tune your radio to find a station, then press the 'INZ' button to set it.

This simple radio player can prove quite useful, particularly to German expats who wish to listen to their favorite stations. If you manage to bear with Deutche Radio Player Home through its occasional errors, you can listen to music or news on your computer from various German radios, whenever you feel like it.

Deutche Radio Player Home was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 21st, 2014
Deutche Radio Player Home - Deutche Radio Player Home is a simple tool that enables you to listen to German radio stations

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