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A real time video stream transcoding application that helps you to effortlessly broadcast your favorite files over an IP network

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As its name implies, IP Video Transcoding Live! (shortly known as IPVTL) is a straightforward and reliable application geared towards users who need to stream media files over the Internet, with transcoding on the fly.

It is a practical and intuitive multi-channel transcoding solution that supports the most popular streaming protocol - which is RTMP (that stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol). This TCP-based protocol maintains persistent connections and allows low-latency communications, so users can easily stream audio, video and data over the Internet.

Streamlined and user-friendly interface

The main window of the application is very simple and easy to work with. Once you press the ‘New Channel’ button, located in the bottom pane of the program, all the options from the right panel will become available.

In case you are a novice user and you don’t figure out how IP Video Transcoding Live! actually works, all you have to do is to set the target folder or file you want to stream and you are done.

Still, advanced users can set the target URL address, choose the encoding profile, the frame size and rate, as well as the bit rate. As far as the Audio section is concerned, you can easily modify the channel from Stereo, to Original or Mono, and change the encoding option to MP3, AAC/Mp4A or MP2.

The left panel allows you to choose between different protocols, here referring to ‘dshow’, ‘http://’, ‘rtsp://’ and ‘upd://’, to name a few, select the folder or the media file you want to stream over the Internet and view the status for each media source.

Support for various media formats and transcoding sources

Since it has full support of commonly used media formats, including MP2, MP3, AMR, AAC, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, to name a few, IP Video Transcoding Live! enables you to stream any kind of media file you want.

Additionally, the program accepts various transcoding sources, network streams and TV tuner cards such as HTTP, RTP and MPEG-TS (DVB-S).

Stream from any pre-recorded movie clips on your local disk

To wrap it up, IP Video Transcoding Live! enables you to get full control over your files and audio / video encoding profiles so you can easily stream your favorite media over the Internet.

IP Video Transcoding Live! was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
IP Video Transcoding Live! - IP Video Transcoding Live! will provide users with a real time video stream transcoding programIP Video Transcoding Live! - With the help of IP Video Transcoding Live! you are able to select the source stream you are interested inIP Video Transcoding Live! - You have the possibility to select the video profile and the encoding preset from the Video Settings windowIP Video Transcoding Live! - screenshot #4IP Video Transcoding Live! - screenshot #5IP Video Transcoding Live! - screenshot #6

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