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Internet Satellite TV Player beats the traditional TV experience. It allows you to watch hundreds of world-wide channels on your computer from a single interface, regardless of your location.

Internet Satellite TV Player offers access to more than 1300 channels and it does not require a PCI card or a satellite dish. The only pre-requisite is Internet access, seeing as it establishes connections with various servers in order to stream the channels.

Clear-cut interface

Internet Satellite TV Player features a very straight-forward user interface, with all the options in plain view. On the left side of the main window, a list of countries is displayed with the available broadcast channels, while the right panel is reserved for viewing purposes.

As a result, it becomes quite clear that all types of users can find their way around it, without encountering any issues.

Look for a channel and control assigned bandwidth

A real-time search function in Internet Satellite TV Player lets you easily find a specific channel. Just below, there is a section that deals with the settings of the application.

To be more accurate, you can adjust two major options for channels before selecting them: bandwidth quality and buffering time (from 1 to 60 seconds).

Watch a TV channel, pause the stream and add it to Favorites

Videos can be toggled to full screen mode, and also added to the Favorites folder. Most of the channels work, although we could not spot the difference in the quality of the image, whether we selected the lowest bandwidth or the highest quality.

Information such as station name, bandwidth and description is available in the main window, while it is also possible to adjust the stream’s volume, as well as play, pause or stop it with the built-in controls.


To sum it all up, Internet Satellite TV Player is a breath of fresh air in its software category. The list of channels is updated twice a week and every time, the channel list grows with about 25 items. It is simple enough to appeal to all user categories and it is not pretentious requirement-wise.
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Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Internet Satellite TV Player - The main window of Internet Satellite TV Player allows users to view the options that the software offers them.

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Tool which allows you to watch more than 1300 TV channels regardless of your whereabouts, search for items and add them to Favorites


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