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The best solution for radio automation software that includes database for songs, jingles, commercials

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Jazler Radio SimplePack is a useful application for the radio broadcast stations that need to organize their music and control the playback with minimum effort. The program is designed to help you manage songs and playlists within a single interface while you are “on air”.

You can start using the program by creating a new database with the audio files from a specified folder on your computer. The app automatically detects the supported file types and allows you to select the ones that you want to use.

The database is divided between the jingles, the songs or the radio spots and allows you to place the audio files into categories according to the genre or other criteria. The user can select the category for each file manually or extract the category name from the ID3 tag.

The Autocue feature enables you to create a playlist by automatically detecting the sound level of every song and marking the start time. Thus, the application helps you mix songs and create a continuous broadcast without silent moments.

During the broadcast the user is faced with a single interface for handling the playback and the playlist selection. This allows you to change the playlist order, to insert new items and to play multiple files at the same time.

You can use the advanced search function in order to quickly find an item that you need to add to the playlist. It can search for a song by using multiple criteria which makes it a nice addition for handling large databases.

In our tests, the program required insignificant system resources and proved to be very responsive in accessing the audio files. The interface can take some time to adapt but the app includes a detailed documentation that aims to make your job easier.

Jazler Radio SimplePack is a good solution for organizing your music database and broadcasting radio shows. The jingle palette support makes it suitable for any radio station.

Jazler Radio SimplePack was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 21st, 2012
Jazler Radio SimplePack - Jazler Radio SimplePack will provide users with the best solution for cheap and reliable radio automation softwareJazler Radio SimplePack - The Instants section will offer a list of audio files to quickly add to your broadcastingJazler Radio SimplePack - Users will be able to easily create playlists and order them just the way they feel like in a matter of secondsJazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #4Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #5Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #6Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #7Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #8Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #9Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #10Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #11Jazler Radio SimplePack - screenshot #12

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