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An intuitive and user-friendly application that allows you to view Netflix TV shows in a simple, yet comfortable manner, without using a web browser

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Netflix Viewer is an easy-to-use client for Netflix that allows you to watch TV shows / series from the comfort of your desktop, without requiring an Internet browser.

The ever growing popularity growth of Netflix didn’t remain unnoticed, raising not only the interests of users worldwide, but of developers as well. Many have come up with various clients for the online platform, aiming to provide users with a more streamlined and easy approach to watching television.

Such an application is Netflix Viewer, a very user-friendly alternative that enables users to enjoy the perks of Netflix without using a heavy and resource consuming browser. It arranges for the same environment as a web navigator, but it is more comfortable and appealing.

It relies on a short and complication-free installation process, which ends by creating a shortcut on your desktop that will lead you to the program’s interface.

In terms of appearance, there’s not much to criticize or praise for that matter, since it links directly to Netflix; therefore, it sports the exact same looks that the online service features.

In order to be able to watch TV shows, you’ll need to login first, after which you can freely explore and enjoy the latest movies and TV series that Netflix puts at your disposal.

There are no preferences to the application and this is maybe where the developer needs to focus the attention. Lacking the possibility to customize its behavior, the program leaves the impression of a web browser that's limited to Netflix.

Netflix Viewer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 3rd, 2013
Netflix Viewer - You can input your Netflix username and password into the login window of Netflix Viewer.

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