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Simple radio station player that features an equalizer, customizable recording functions, a favorites list and cover arts for current playing artist

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Radio Sure is an Internet radio player which enables you to listen to a multitude of radio stations from all over the world.

Simple setup and clear-cut interface

You have the option to either install this software normally, or as a portable version (this way, no registry entries are made or altered, and you can take it with you on a USB stick).

Regardless of the one you choose, you should know that no third-party offers are included, and you are going to be brought to a pretty simple and clean interface. It comprises a few buttons, and a pane in which to view a list of all available stations. Consequently, it is accessible to all user categories.

Search for a station and record the stream

When you initiate the program, radio stations are immediately displayed. You can view and sort them according to title, country of origin, genre, and language. A search function is also included, thus allowing you to find an item with great ease.

Furthermore, the title and genre of each song is displayed right above the search box. You can add a radio station to Favorites, adjust the volume, and record a song using an MP3 format. The recorded audio file is automatically named after the actual song.

Settings you can configure

In the Options menu you can enable or disable crossfade between stations, show song titles in the system tray, or modify the output destination for recordings.

Additionally, you can select bitrate, split recordings by track, avoid duplicated recordings, mute the utility when the computer is locked, select audio device, configure proxy settings, enable global hotkeys, and others.


The program uses a fair amount of memory resources, so owners of lesser configurations should be able to run it just fine. The response time is good, and we did not come across any hangs or freezes in our tests.

To wrap it up, Radio Sure is a simple Internet radio player with a couple of interesting features. The list of radio stations is updated frequently and thus new stations are added constantly. If you are interested

Radio Sure was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 19th, 2015
Radio Sure - You can listen to online radio stations and access a wide variety of functions, such as Equalizer, Sleep timer and RecordRadio Sure - Radio stations can be added to Favorites and the application provides multiple playback sourcesRadio Sure - You can listen to your favorite station easily, by clicking the heart-shaped button, and selecting it from the listRadio Sure - Crossfading between stations can be toggled, as well as automatic playback after startup and displaying song titles in the system trayRadio Sure - Recording broadcasts can be configured to split output by tracks, automatically choose a bitrate or avoid duplicate filesRadio Sure - Radio Sure can display pictures related to currently playing songs, sort your favorites alphabetically and includes database supportRadio Sure - You can change audio settings by switching between audio devices, such as headphones or speakers

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