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A handy and user-friendly software solution that can help you watch a wide range of television channels from countries all over the world






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Stream TV is a software that allows you to watch TV channels over the internet.

Watch more than 1400 TV channels right from your PC using your Internet connection. Stream TV has many features such as Full Screen mode, ability to be linked to a remote control device, easily movable window for more convenient viewing experience.

Many channels now broadcast continuous Formula 1 coverage, USPGA, US Open, and many other live sporting events from around the globe. Some channels include the ITV - UK, ESPN - US, RIO - Italy, N-TV - Germany, All Music - Italy, C-Span 1-3 - US, Fashion - UK, DW-TV - Germany, 10+ Russian channels, 15+ Italian channels, 20+ German channels, 5+ Dutch channels, 10+ French channels, 15+ Turkish channels, 5+ Arabic channels, 20+ Sport channels, 25+ News channels, 30+ Movie channels, 24/7 porn channel. Ability to pause/resume live TV and filter channels by country.
Last updated on April 26th, 2008
Stream TV - The main window of the application allows you to choose the TV channel you want to watch

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