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A tool written as a replacement for the buggy and bloated TV viewing software that is usually handed to you when you purchase a TV card

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TV Viewer is a handy and reliable application whose main purpose is to provide a more streamlined way of viewing TV streams. It comes across as a better alternative to the software that is shipped by default with tuner cards.

General considerations

When you purchase a new TV card, you are supplied with a complementary software that usually comes at no cost. The downside, however, is that most of them are buggy or difficult to work with because of complicated commands and complex interfaces.

TV Viewer was designed to replace these applications, sporting a much more user-oriented approach than similar products. The most attractive advantages are ease of use and accessibility, which makes it fit for all audiences.

Main benefits

Despite being simple in appearance, there’s much more to TV Viewer than meets the eye. It comes wrapped inside a portable package, hence there’s no need for installation.

Provided that the TV card is connected properly, it should be able to automatically detect streams, which will be played in the main window. All the channels are displayed in a grid view, from where you can select the one of interest.

You can always set the application on top if you want to keep the TV player within focus. Navigating between channels can be done using the dedicated commands, as well as by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you want to jump to a certain channel, simply type its number and you will be redirected to that specific channel.

Final thoughts

With the aid of TV Viewer, digital television becomes a pleasant experience. However, considering the fact that the application hasn’t received updates in quite a while, some incompatibility issues with more modern cards might occur.

TV Viewer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 28th, 2014
TV Viewer - The main window of TV Viewer allows users to access all the features of the software.

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