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Powerful application which lets you play multiple radio channels, create or import playlists and use a scheduler, and supports a talk over feature

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ZaraRadio is a nifty application designed to manage and automate radio or music transmissions in home or office environments. Its flexibility also makes it suitable for coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants or bars.

No streaming capabilities, yet incorporated scheduler

Although designed for live transmissions, the application does not include a streaming feature. However, this can be easily achieved via a third-party application that can work in tandem with ZaraRadio.

In other words, this software is primarily aimed at playing audio files on demand or on schedule. Even though it lacks streaming capabilities, it compensates with rich features such as jingles for announcing various events, customizable playlists and Talk Over options.

Clean and intuitive environment

ZaraRadio’s interface is pleasant and easy to navigate, even for beginners. All of its functions are concentrated in a few complication-free menus and buttons, which do not overcrowd the program’s main window.

Talk over a song and use the included playback controls

Playlists can be imported or created on the spot, with the possibility to schedule songs, while the “Find” function allows you to quickly locate audio files in a specific folder. Playback controls include repeat, shuffle, random and mark as next.

Aside from songs, the playlist can also include various announcements and jingles related to the current time, weather or humidity. The Talk Over feature allows radio personnel to speak on top of the currently played audio track, as well as adjust the speech period and voice volume.

Connect to other radio channels

An extra feature is brought by the possibility to connect with other radio stations via Internet or the line-in port of your computer’s soundcard. The only requirement is the URL of the channel you wish to connect to.


All in all, ZaraRadio is a multi-purpose application that allows for the transmission of music, prerecorded playlists, commercials and time and weather announcements, without posing major usage difficulties. Tasks are completed in a timely manner, the computer’s performance is not going to be burdened and our tests did not reveal any issues such as errors, crashes or hangs.

ZaraRadio was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
ZaraRadio - ZaraRadio will provide users with a complete system free of automatization of wireless emissionsZaraRadio - The Playlist menu will allow users to add tracks or time / temperature or humidity announcementZaraRadio - Users will be able to access the aux players or mixer within the Tools menuZaraRadio - screenshot #4ZaraRadio - screenshot #5ZaraRadio - screenshot #6ZaraRadio - screenshot #7ZaraRadio - screenshot #8ZaraRadio - screenshot #9ZaraRadio - screenshot #10

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