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Desktop client to Google's popular RSS agregator service

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If you’re a Google Reader user and you’re tired of using the web browser open to check your feeds on a regular basis, there’s one app that could solve this problem.

Desktop Google Reader is an easy to use program that brings Google Reader right on your desktop, letting you read all your feeds without the need for opening the browser and loading the service.

Instead, Desktop Google Reader logs into your Google Reader account and retrieves all the feeds, with dedicated tools that automatically check the feeds for new articles at a user-defined interval.

With a very appealing design, the program not only that provides access to your Google Reader feeds, but it also comes with support for the most popular social networks on the Internet, which means that you can post an article on your Facebook page for instance with just a click.

In addition, Desktop Google Reader comes with a built-in browser, so just double click any feed you want and you shall see the article loaded right in the main window. Pressing TAB however launches it in your default external browser, but there’s no option to use this one as default.

Another good thing about Desktop Google Reader is the notification tool that alerts you as soon as new items are received, with support for Snarl for more eye-candy notification windows.

The application doesn’t slow down the computer at all and it works like a charm on all Windows versions. What’s more, it’s stable and reliable even when downloading a large amount of feeds.

Overall, it’s pretty clear that this is one of the best ways to manage your Google Reader feeds straight from the desktop, as it offers not only a pleasant interface, but also an auto-refresh tool and notifications.

Desktop Google Reader was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 11th, 2012
Desktop Google Reader - Desktop Google Reader will provide users with a desktop client to Google's popular RSS agregator serviceDesktop Google Reader - The Preferences window will offer a list of options like User Interface, Notifications or NetworkDesktop Google Reader - Users will be able to access options such as Notifications enabled or Title / Text of notification

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