News Flash 500 Standalone Application

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Free newsreader for the rest of us -- simple yet comprehensive -- right on your desktop.




News Flash 500 Standalone Application contains 12 sets of feed categories: Top Stories, Local Sports, Local News, National News, World News, Entertainment, International, Business, Politics, Sports, Technology and Opinion.

New localities are constantly being added.

Here are some key features of "News Flash 500 Standalone Application":

■ Configurable auto-update rate and degree of interactivity
■ Searchable headlines and descriptions
■ Check for program updates
■ Help screen
■ Mark as read (so refreshed list will highlight new stories)
■ Selectable city to get local news and sports
Last updated on September 24th, 2007
News Flash 500 Standalone Application - This is the main window of News Flash, displaying news about  a wide range of topics.

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