Crayfish (formerly News Worm)

A simple yet efficient RSS reader that enables you to read various articles and keeps you notified on the the latest news and blog posts

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What's new in Crayfish (formerly News Worm)

  • Crayfish 5.0 is a special release. It has multiple smaller fixes in the code base, the code base is generally much more clean and organized as it used to be. User interface has been designed to be more accessible for non-geek users.
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Niko Rosvall
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Crayfish (formerly News Worm) - Crayfish is a lightweight application that enables you to access RSS feeds and read articles from your favorite websites or blogs.Crayfish (formerly News Worm) - Crayfish allows you to export the selected article to an XML file and access the Properties window in order to customize the feeds options.Crayfish (formerly News Worm) - From the Feed menu of Crayfish you can easily retrieve, hide or show articles and also mark them as read.Crayfish (formerly News Worm)Crayfish (formerly News Worm)Crayfish (formerly News Worm)Crayfish (formerly News Worm)Crayfish (formerly News Worm)Crayfish (formerly News Worm)
Crayfish is a feed reader that enables you to stay up to date with the latest news and blog posts on your favorite websites. The forthright approach it adopts makes it easy to work with and very practical.

Manage your feeds within a straightforward interface

The interface includes all your feeds in tree-view, so you just have to expand one item in order to view the articles. Also, there is a dedicated 'Favorites' section that can help you get quick access to articles you enjoyed and want to read again or show to your friends.

At launch, a list of recommended feeds from various domains is displayed, enabling you to choose the ones you want to include to the reader. Thanks to the accessible toolbar, adding a new feed to the list or removing an existing one is just a matter of pressing a button.

Get the latest news and read articles

Crayfish can automatically refresh the feed URLs at a user-defined time interval, but you can also perform this operation manually by right-clicking on the feed title within the main window. Also, the number of articles to display for each feed can be easily adjusted.

Read items are highlighted for easier identification and you can instruct the application to automatically hide them. Links can be easily opened using the default web browser, marked as read or sent to the 'Favorites' section.

Crayfish features page previewing capabilities, which means that it enables you to take a look at the article before opening it in the web browser. Also, you can copy the URL to the clipboard or send it via e-mail using the default mail client.

Feed lists can be easily exported to XML format and you can instruct the application to remember the last export path, in order to ease your work.

A feed reader for beginners and advanced users alike

Crayfish is not a novelty, but it impresses through simplicity and ease of use. Thanks to the intuitive layout and the accessible options, it can be used by any user, experienced or not in order to get the latest news from their favorite websites.

Crayfish (formerly News Worm) was reviewed by , last updated on March 18th, 2015

Runs on: Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 10 / 10 64 bit

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