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Quickly loads and displays HTML files.

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Offline HTML Viewer is a lightweight and portable software program that allows you to view HTML pages in the offline environment, as the name says. It is oriented toward all types of users, even the ones with little or no experience in software applications.

Since installation is not a requirement, you can simply drop the executable file on any spot on the hard drive and run it immediately.

Otherwise, you can save Offline HTML Viewer to a USB flash drive or similar removable device, and run in on any computer. Thus, you can keep the tool in your pocket whenever you're on the move.

More importantly, the program doesn't deal with the Windows Registry section or leave behind files on the hard drive after deleting it.

The interface of the utility is made from a regular window with an uncomplicated layout, where you can open an HTML item by using the file browser only, since "drag and drop" is unsupported.

Aside from viewing the page's contents in the primary application window, you can zoom in and out, copy text to the Clipboard, use a search function when dealing with large amounts of data, change the font size and select the character set. Furthermore, you can open an HTML page in Internet Explorer from the Tools menu, as well as make file associations.

Offline HTML Viewer is not a concern to the computer's overall performance, as it uses a very low amount of CPU and system memory. It is very responsive to key strokes and mouse events. No error dialogs have been shown throughout our evaluation and the tool did not hang or crash. Although no recent updates have been made, Offline HTML Viewer can be seamlessly used by less experienced individuals.

Offline HTML Viewer was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 28th, 2013
Offline HTML Viewer - This is the main window of the application, where you can view your HTML files.Offline HTML Viewer - By accessing the View menu, you will be able to switch to normal font.Offline HTML Viewer - From the Character Set menu, you will be able to choose the Greek characters.Offline HTML Viewer - If the users want to view the file with Internet Explorer, they need to access the Tools menu.

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