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Surfulater is an offline browser that gives you the possibility of saving websites you visited so that you can review them later offline.

Search engines fulfill a critical role in finding the research content, the needles in the haystack, but what do you do with that valuable page once you have found it? How do you keep it, categorize and structure it, and comment upon it? In the physical world, you have filing cabinets, folders, photocopies, post-its and comments. Digital research requires digital management.

Surfulater is the Internet research filing cabinet, complete with drawers, folders and tags for organization, a built-in "photocopier" to keep saved permanent copies, comments and annotations to manage the content itself, and a powerful search engine to find results easily. When you use Surfulater you'll never loose important information you find on the Web or have to worry about Web sites or pages disappearing never to be found again.
Last updated on October 18th, 2011
Surfulater - Surfulater will help you save web pages, text and images to your offline portable web librarySurfulater - The main interface window will provide users with the right environment to manage your collected website dataSurfulater - Users will be able to access options such as Publish to Web KB or Import Bookmarks from the File menuSurfulaterSurfulaterSurfulaterSurfulater

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