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A simple and easy to use application designed to retrieve statistical data regarding your account and photos on 500px and display them as a graph

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500pxAnalyzer is a reliable and useful tool designed to help you monitor your account data and dynamic of your photos evolution on 500px. In other words, the software displays the evolving popularity of the work you have uploaded on 500px.

Average ratings and votes

The software can retrieve data from 500px and display the information as numbers, but also as a colored graph. It can estimate the average of ratings, votes and favorites received by the last 20 photos you uploaded. It must be noted that if you have less than 20 photos on your 500px account, the software cannot retrieve the data and it crashes.

Other pieces of information, such as total number of photos and followers are also displayed. The software seeks to offer you statistical data regarding your evolution as an artist, since the website does not offer you the tools for estimating averages.

Graphic display

Aside from calculating the mentioned averages, 500pxAnalyzer is also capable of generating a monitoring graph. The visual representation includes three lines, each projecting one of the average values displayed by the software, at the current moment, for each of the latest 20 photos. You can save the graph view as a PNG image.

Moreover, after retrieving the statistical data, and properly analyzing it, the software can calculate your Pixo number. Thus, 500pxAnalyzer offers photographers suitable tools, so they can study the evolution and behavior of their work on 500px.

User-friendly program

500pxAnalyzer features a simple interface and displays a large graphic, that you can view in window mode or full screen. You only need to insert your 500px username and let the software retrieve the required data. Internet connection is required, since the application is set to gather and display current information.


500pxAnalyzer is a simple application, capable of retrieving data, analyzing it, calculating averages and displaying graphs. You can easily monitor your stats as an artist on 500px, thanks to the average estimating tools offered by the software. Additionally, you may save the records of your evolution as images of the graph, for future reference.

500pxAnalyzer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
500pxAnalyzer - The main window of the application enables you to enter a 500px username and get an analysis of their creations500pxAnalyzer - 500pxAnalyzer allows you to customize the dimensions of the generated report according to your liking

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