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A handy and intuitive application that allows you to check the status of several websites, in order to see if they are still available





AliveProxy Standart gives you the possibility to check the status of certain proxy servers, in order to determine if they are available or not. It allows you to enter specific Internet pages or files, as it extracts the proxy servers from the addresses they provide.

The application can check the type of an proxy server, to determine it it is transparent or anonymous, after which it measures other parameters, such as connection timeout and speed. Any results are displayed in a list with all the “alive” proxy servers. The program can remove any server duplicates, in order to provide you with the best search results, eliminating redundant proxy server addresses.

AliveProxy Standart can determine the status of a proxy server in a couple of ways, by using the proxy server name to determine the IP address and the other way around. In addition, you can filter and organize your live proxy server playlist by a multitude of parameters, such as IP, name, port, type, last check date, count checked files, ping, speed, ISO country code and name. This can help you quickly find the information you need.

The program uses several methods that test the availability of a proxy server, one of them being multi-threaded computing and speed testing. This way, you can use the application to scan for live proxies and Internet speed. Besides, you can set the testing speed in of your application depending on several factors, such as overall Internet upload and download speed.

The application can help you extract proxy server addresses from TXT, HTML or other related Internet files, after which it validates the servers and determines their status or connection time response. Additionally, AliveProxy Standart can determine if a proxy server allows anonymous or transparent connections by using fast validation algorithms and multi-threaded processing.
Last updated on February 7th, 2003
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