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Automatically post messages on Twitter from a user-defined XLS file, repeat the tweets once a cycle is over, apply a delay time between tweets, as well as shorten URLs and upload images

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AutoTweeter Pro is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you automatically post messages on Twitter.

Drop it on portable devices

You can store the utility on a USB flash drive and carry it with you. Thanks to its portability status, you can run it by opening the executable file.

It does not write entries to your Windows registry, so you can uninstall it using a simple deletion task.

User interface

The GUI sports a multi-tabbed environment for helping you access several configuration settings which are related to your account, automatic tweets, start/stop options, as well as a few additional parameters.

You can access a help manual and check out several online video tutorials about how to make the most out of the program. It is Java-based so you need to deploy the working environment on your computer.

Set up your Twitter account

AutoTweeter Pro is able to automatically post messages on Twitter, provided that you enter details about your username, consumer key, consumer secret, access token, as well as access token secret.

Automatic Twitter settings

The application gives you the possibility to import Twitter messages from XLS file format. You may apply a random delay time interval (in minutes), automatically repeat the tweets once a cycle is over, and show popup notifications in the system tray.

Start/stop the sending process

AutoTweeter Pro lets you start or stop the automatic sending task and view details about the entire process in a log embedded in the main window. The log shows information about the number of the queued tweet, successfully sent tweets, as well as errors.

Last but not least, the program comes packed with several additional utilities designed to help you shorten URLs and upload an image to your account (JPG, GIF, PNG). When you start the automatic tweeting process, it resumes from where it stopped.

Bottom line

All things considered, AutoTweeter Pro provides a simple way for helping you post tweets, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.

AutoTweeter Pro was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 23rd, 2015
AutoTweeter Pro - You can navigate to 'AutoTweet Settings' tab to select the Excel Tweet fileAutoTweeter Pro - You have the possibility to start / stop the auto tweeting and you can preview the number of tweets found in your fileAutoTweeter Pro - The Extras tab enables you to enter the long URL in order to be shortened and upload an imageAutoTweeter Pro - This is the main window of AutoTweeter Pro where you can send scheduled tweets to your Twitter account

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