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A handy and seamlessly easy to use application that allows you to create mindmaps with your information, then share it with others

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In order to save and share your information, it is advised to use a software solution that can help you keep your thoughts and ideas stored on an online storage, so that you can access it from anywhere.

Comapping Desktop is a handy tool for creating mind maps with all your ideas and plans, so that you do not have to remember each one in particular. To properly function, the program requires Adobe AIR installed and running on your computer.

Reliable and fun to use virtual agenda

The application allows you to create mind maps or flowcharts that contain all your information, ideas and thoughts. This can act as a virtual agenda or memo, although the program offers more than this.

For instance, you can quickly schedule certain tasks or predict possible outcomes for certain events or activities, by creating different topics for each task. By assigning various importance indicators to each task, you can prioritize them.

Creative note taker and information sharing tool

Comapping Desktop is the offline version of the Comapping web service, which confers you several advantages when using it. As an example, you can quickly create mind maps with your thoughts and ideas, when there is no Internet connection, then connect to your account and share the saved information with other users, which could not have been made with the web service version.

Aside from this, you create slideshows with the saved mind maps, and use them in your presentations, so that you can better explain to everyone the steps you consider necessary in order to complete a specific task.

A powerful and fun alternative to memo creation utilities

To conclude, Comapping Desktop provides you with a stable and modern-looking environment for creating mind maps with all your ideas, thoughts and plans, that can be easily shared with others.

Comapping Desktop was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
Comapping Desktop - Comapping Desktop allows you to create mindmaps and share your information with others.Comapping Desktop - From the Shortcuts & Presentations tab, you can create slide shortcuts to your projects.Comapping Desktop - By accessing the Advanced Options tab, you can lock a topic or attach files to your mindmaps.

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