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Read manga stories in full screen without having to download them, grab comic books for offline viewing using batch processing, and create a list with favorite items

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Comic Shelf is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you download and read manga stories from websites like Manga Fox and Manga Volume.

User interface

The tool makes use of a multi-tabbed environment for helping you perform searches on the Internet via the built-in web browser, check out the collection of manga books, keep track of downloaded items, as well as access the files stored in your computer.

The web browser provides basic functionality and allows you to go to the next or previous webpage, refresh the current websites, as well as jump to the homepage.

Reading and downloading options

Comic Shelf gives you the possibility to browse throughout the entire collection of manga stories before downloading them. Plus, you can even read the comic books in a dedicated panel.

There’s support for several reading features that allow you to zoom in or out of the pages, go to the next or previous page, split pages, enable a full screen display, as well as refresh and rotate pages to different angles.

The application keeps track of your downloads and offers information about the status, name, volume, progress, number of downloaded pages, errors, as well as URL. In addition, it helps you view a list with downloaded items and recycled files.

Comic Shelf offers support for batch processing so you can grab multiple manga files at the same time. The tool also lets you browse through the directories and files stored in your system, and open manga images in the built-in viewer.

Configuration settings

You can specify the maximum number of downloading jobs at the same time, set the transfer limit to a custom size, enter the number of retries, pick the saving directory, and assign hotkeys. What’s more, you are allowed to create a list with favorite stories, search for comic books, and check out recently viewed items.


All things considered, Comic Shelf offers support for several handy features, and can be handled by beginners and professionals alike. You can use it for reading manga without having to download the files on your computer and creating a comic collection with favorite items.

Comic Shelf was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 18th, 2015
Comic Shelf - This is the main window of Comic Shelf that allows you to access all the features of the application.Comic Shelf - From this menu of Comic Shelf you'll be able to configure the application's running settings.Comic ShelfComic ShelfComic Shelf

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