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A software utility that can track websites and alert you whenever it detects any change to its content, such as new words, links or images

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Websites are constantly updated with new information, which can sometimes be too much to handle all at once. In addition, you might miss certain updates if you are not constantly paying attention to the webpages in question.

Track the activity of multiple websites at the same time

Copernic Tracker is an application that enables you to stay on top of all the updates from your favorite websites, by periodically checking them for any content modifications. Whether you are on the lookout for new phrases, images or links, the utility promptly alerts you whenever there is something new worth checking out on the selected webpages.

The major advantage provided by the application is the fact that it can check multiple pages at once, which spares you the time of having to navigate from one to the other in search for new content. In addition, the pop-up messages alerting you about updates allow you to continue working and not worry about missing any important information.

Receive email and SMS notifications

Beside the on-screen alert, Copernic Tracker is also able to remotely inform about any updates, either by emailing you the data, or by sending you a message on your mobile phone. Furthermore, you can enter multiple email addresses in the designated field and send the notifications to your alternate inboxes, or even your friends.

The page check process can be scheduled according to your preferences, depending on the usual activity patterns on every website. In addition, the advanced functions of the application enable you to save images, ignore the character case and the modify the number of revisions stored for every website added to the list. In case the page requires authentication, you can add the credentials to automatically be used every time a check is performed.

In conclusion

In case you are always one step behind with the latest news and you lack the time to regularly check your favorite websites, Copernic Tracker comes to your aid with powerful set of features. Moreover, the update alerts keep you informed even if you are not at your computer, thanks to the integrated email and SMS notifications.

Copernic Tracker was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
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