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A useful Dynamic Link Library which aims to help you repair the disabled keyboard shortcuts when Adobe Flash embed becomes active

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Ctrl Plus W Etc Fix for Firefox is a simple DLL file which aims to assist users in dealing with the issue of disabled keyboard shortcuts in Firefox, whenever Adobe Flash Player embed is activated.

The Adobe Flash Player embed can be found on a variety of popular websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and countless others, as it is the most used method of rendering video content online.

However, when users start watching a video on any of these websites, they might sometimes notice that their keyboard shortcuts, like CTRL + T, F6, CTRL + W, and many others, become unusable. When pressing F8, Firefox is supposed to reset its focus on the main window of the browser rather than the video they are watching.

The DLL requires a more special installation, as users will need additional software functioning as an import adder, such as PEditor, IIDKing, CFF Explorer VIII, or any other utility that allows alterations to be performed on the import tables of EXE files.

Users will need to patch 'firefox.exe' as well as 'plugin-container.exe' using one of the previously mentioned applications. Additionally, it is recommended to place the DLL file in the installation folder of Firefox, otherwise a popup window might be displayed stating that the required file cannot be found.

Ctrl Plus W Etc Fix for Firefox features sufficiently comprehensive documentation in the form of a 'readme.txt' file in downloaded archive, which will assist users throughout the installation process, even advising the more advanced on how to install the DLL through command line.

To conclude, Ctrl Plus W Etc Fix for Firefox is a Dynamic Link Library whose main purpose is to help users regain use of their keyboard hotkeys in Firefox, whenever they play Flash videos online.

Ctrl Plus W Etc Fix for Firefox was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 15th, 2014

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