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Block a wide array of Dailymotion video advertisement across all web browsers, with the help of this handy and approachable application

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Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker is a user-friendly and reliable software solution created to offer you the ability of removing the commercials from the popular video hosting website, so you no longer have to waste time with them at the beginning of each movie you watch.

Clear-cut and easy to understand appearance

The application features a fairly basic user interface, with no particularly noteworthy characteristics, as it consists of a single button which can be used to ‘Block / Unblock Dailymotion Ads’.

As a consequence, its usage is more than straightforward, meaning you will truly have no trouble figuring out how to benefit from its functions to the fullest, right from the first run.

Effortlessly block video advertisement on Dailymotion

Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker is able to work on all web browsers, regardless of their type. In order to prevent the display of pesky advertisement at the start of each movie you watch on the website, all you need to do is run the program using your administrator privileges, then press on ‘Block Dailymotion Ads’.

To ensure that the changes take full effect, you may need to restart your web browser, as you are even advised to do by the utility itself, by means of a popup window, once the action you requested has been performed.

Nonetheless, if you are not happy with the results or simply wish to revert the settings to their default state, you can click on the ‘Unblock Dailymotion Ads’ button, similarly requiring a browser restart. As a result, the previously ‘Blocked’ status will switch to ‘Unblocked’.

A handy advertisement remover for Dailymotion

To sum it up, Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker is a useful and effective tool that can prove essential, especially if you are in the habit of watching a lot or movies on the popular website, as it will spare you of having to wait around for commercials to play out.

Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker - Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker is a handy application that is able to prevent the display of advertisement on DailyMotionDailymotion Video Ad Blocker - Just as it can be blocked, advertisement can also be unblocked on the video hosting website

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