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Use this handy and user-friendly software solution to extract the domain names from multiple email addresses, with a single button push

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Extract Domain From Email Address Software is a simple application whose main function is to grab the name after the ‘@’ sign in multiple email addresses, displaying the results for you to preview, before saving them to CSV or TXT.

Straight-forward user interface

The main window of the program features an ‘Email(s)’ section, where you can add the source addresses, be it manually or from a TXT file.

The lower panel, ‘Domain(s)’, enables you to view the generated results, while with the help of the buttons on the bottom edge of the screen, you can save them to text or comma delimited files.

Create a list of domain names from email addresses

For starters, you will need to input the addresses that you wish to process. Their manual addition requires you to use the ‘Add One Email Address’ button, then enter the string and hit ‘OK’ to insert it in the main window. This process, however, can prove quite time-consuming.

The alternative option lets you load a set of emails from a text file, with one address per line, yet you can only do this by browsing through your computer and locating the document, since drag and drop is not supported. At the same time, bear in mind the fact that if one of the added items is unnecessary, you do not have the possibility of removing just that one entry, you need to clear the entire list.

Finally, you can press on the ‘Start Extracting’ button and the application will retrieve the names after the ‘@’ character in the input entries. The results are displayed in a queue, letting you save them to a TXT or CSV format file, for later usage.

A useful tool for creating domain lists out of email addresses

As a conclusion, Extract Domain From Email Address Software is a very easy to handle program that performs a fairly simple operation, that of grabbing the domain name from a list of emails, with just one button press needed.

Extract Domain From Email Address Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
Extract Domain From Email Address Software - Extract Domain From Email Address Software is a simple tool that can grab the domain names from multiple emails

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