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An easy-to-use and efficient software application that helps you analyze and identify fake Facebook accounts, based on the images in the profile gallery

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FB CHECKER is designed to help you identify fake identities on Facebook, analyzing the user profiles you visit in order to detect clues of false accounts. It can provide a starting point in deciding whether you should accept a new friendship request or not.

The number of fake social media accounts has continuously risen, in the attempt to perform fraud, phishing or send spam messages. Facebook itself offers advice on how to detect a fake account, in order to avoid private data theft or unwanted advertisements.

Analyze images as you visit new profiles

FB CHECKER is a small utility that can do this for you, analyzing a profile's picture gallery and other information in order to find hints that could betray a fake account. The application is very easy to work with, requiring you to login to Facebook and permitting it to access your account data.

Once you login, it runs silently in the system tray, displaying a small icon that flashes each time you visit a new Facebook profile using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

The profile picture and name is retrieved by FB CHECKER automatically, enabling you to choose the pictures you want to include in the analysis. Obviously, images containing scenery or animals are not relevant and should not be selected.

Generate a report to decide upon the account's authenticity

The profile is analyzed and a report is generated, which you can view in your default web browser. FB CHECKER looks for mobile image uploads (which means the profile has been accessed using a mobile device) and searches for the selected images and the account name on other websites. It displays a meter that can suggest whether the account is fake or not, but it does not give you a final verdict. Ultimately, it is your decision.

A handy tool for all Facebook users

FB CHECKER is a tool that can check a Facebook profile for authenticity, following a few pointers that can determine whether an account is fake or not. It is a way to ensure that people you are about to get in contact with are real.

FB CHECKER was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
FB CHECKER - From the taskbar icon of FB CHECKER, you can access the Settings window of the application.FB CHECKER - The application allows you to view your Facebook history in order to analyze the profiles that you wish.FB CHECKER - Before analyzing a profile, the application makes a few recommendations for better results.FB CHECKER - screenshot #4

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