The Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader)

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A simple and easy to use application that enables you to download your favorite photo albums from Facebook, in just a few moves of your mouse

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The Albums Downloader is a user-friendly piece of software whose main purpose is to help you grab whole photo albums from Facebook, your own or those of your friends, with the least amount of effort.

Initial usage instructions

This Java-based application requires an Internet connection to work. In addition, to get it to function, you will first need to enter your Facebook token, which can be obtained by logging into your account using

The string of characters it displays has to be copied and pasted into the start screen of The Albums Downloader, after which you can click on 'Validate’ to proceed to the program's main window.

Browse through your friends’ Facebook albums and download the collection or picture you want

Once connected, you will be able to find yourself and all of your contacts listed in the ‘My Friends’ tab, allowing you select the one whose photos you would like to download by clicking on their thumbnail image.

Subsequently, you are moved to the 'Albums' tab where you can browse through the available collections and pick the one you were after. Aside from being able to preview the contents of the folder, you also have the possibility of selecting specific files to grab, by clicking on the tiles you like.

Next, you can click on the 'Download' button and depending on the size of the package as well as your Internet speed, this can take more or less time. The destination folder can be changed from the 'Downloads' menu or by pressing the CTRL+Shift+J keys.

Moreover, it features the capability of retrieving all the images from specified Facebook 'Pages', just by inputting its ID or name, enabling you to save any photo you like, with a couple of mouse clicks.

An intuitive Facebook picture grabber

To summarize, The Albums Downloader is a useful and simple to handle tool that provides you with a simple method of saving your friends' Facebook photo collection to your computer, saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

The Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader) was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 12th, 2014
The Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader) - In order to download photo albums from Facebook, you first need to enter the proper tokenThe Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader) - Facebook Albums Downloader allows you to select the album you want to download and save it to your PCThe Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader) - You can preview the picture thumbnails before deciding to save the album to your computerThe Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader)The Albums Downloader (formerly Facebook Albums Downloader)

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