Facebook Password Recovery

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A lightweight application designed to help you recover passwords from facebook accounts that are stored locally, in the browsers' logs

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Facebook Password Recovery is a simple to use program that can easily retrieve all the passwords from Facebook accounts saved on your computer. It can detect all the Facebook accounts that were accessed from the browsers installed on your computer and recover all the passwords that were saved locally.

Easily recover Facebook passwords

When you login to Facebook you can set the browser to remember your password, in order for you to automatically login next time you access the website. In this case, the Internet browser saves your user name and password in a log file, to a dedicated location. Facebook Password Recovery can access the specific locations for each browser and extract the desired information.

The software can easily detect if Facebook account passwords were saved on your computer, by scanning the history logs of all the available browsers. You can view the Facebook accounts user names, afferent email addresses, the browser in which they were saved and the password.

Save the Facebook credentials to the specified location

Once the software returns the desired results, you may save the list to a specific location on your computer, to a server or to a personal cloud account. Thus, the software enables you to save your Facebook login credentials in multiple, in case you misplace them.

Moreover, Facebook Password Recovery can retrieve the Facebook user names and passwords from a server or cloud storage. It is similar to recovering data from a backup file. You can easily clear away the data returned by the software, from the display area in its interface, or erase the specified files from the indicated server location.

Reliable multi-language tool for recovering passwords

Facebook Password Recovery’s interface is initially in Polish language, but you can easily change it to English, by selecting the language option from the context menu. Simply right click anywhere on the display area and choose the desired language. The software can automatically display the Facebook passwords as you open it, but if the response is not instant, just select Read Passwords from the context menu. The desired login credentials are returned immediately, along with the name of the browser they were saved by.

Facebook Password Recovery was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Facebook Password Recovery - Facebook Password Recovery can retrieve any facebook password saved on your computer, from either internet browser.Facebook Password Recovery - As soon as you recover the desired passwords, you can save them to a local file or upload them to a cloud storage space.

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