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A simple to use software solution that can access your Facebook profile and timeline information in order to create a top of your most active friends

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Facebook Top Fans Generator is an application created to analyze your Facebook profile and the Timeline in order to tell you which of your friends has given you the most likes and comments.

Easy to link to your Facebook account

In order to be able to use the application, you first have to provide your account credentials, name and password, so that Facebook Top Fans Generator can connect to your profile in order to extract the data it needs. It's a very simple and straightforward process and it even allows you to add multiple accounts.

Create top fans images

The application allows you to generate the top not only from your main profile page, but also from other pages you have or are the administrator of. You are able to set a number of winners and tell the application how many posts to look into. Since the top is generated based on a score, for a single like or comment you can set how many points to award.

Facebook Top Fans Generator creates an image with the people that have the most points. You get to view their names, number of likes, comments and shares, as well as their score. As far as customization for the frame goes, the application automatically adds the profile pictures of the winners but you can change them, you’re allowed to add a custom title to the top, change the foreground and background colors, adjust opacity and text alignment.

Upload the result to Facebook

It goes without saying that Facebook Top Fans Generator enables you to post the results on the Facebook page that has been analyzed and you can also save the results on your computer as an image.

The entire process of creating the top fans chart can take a couple of seconds or minutes depending on the number of participants and posts you set to analyze.

A fun tool for Facebook users

So, with the above to consider, Facebook Top Fans Generator is by all means a really good app to have around if you’re a frequent Facebook user who likes these kinds of posts.

Facebook Top Fans Generator was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
Facebook Top Fans Generator - Facebook Top Fans Generator enables you to create a top of all the people on a Facebook page that have given the msot likes and comments.Facebook Top Fans Generator - You are able to add custom images and titles to the frames, upload them or save them on your computer as an image.Facebook Top Fans Generator - From the Select Report Style window the user can select between Simple, Chilli Red, and Metal Blue With Profile Pics stylesFacebook Top Fans Generator - screenshot #4Facebook Top Fans Generator - screenshot #5

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