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Facebook for Windows 8.1 100% CLEAN Freeware    
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Facebook for Windows 8.1 is an innovative application designed to provide users with an alternative way to explore their Facebook account.

Facebook for Windows 8.1 eliminates the need of a browser, allowing users to view their feed, chat with friends and upload photos seamlessly.

Note: In order to install the application you need to update Windows to version 8.1.
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
Facebook for Windows 8.1 - Facebook for Windows 8 provides users with a modern interface for exploring their Facebook account.Facebook for Windows 8.1 - You can use the application to browse your images and view the friends photos.Facebook for Windows 8.1 - The program allows you to view the event details and send invites to your friends.Facebook for Windows 8.1

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This is the official Facebook app, sporting a modern appearance and bringing all that is necessary to enjoy the whole social experience without using a browser


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