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A simple but powerful means to perform various network debugging operations and issue reports with support for commonly used web browser

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With more and more computers gaining access to the Internet, speed is a factor that does not need to be overlooked. With applications taking up an increasing number of system resources, while some are constantly dependent of an active connection, you might find yourself with little traffic to use for browsing. Luckily, applications like FastNet99 give you the possibility to diagnose incoming and outgoing data packages to get an idea where leaks might occur.

Several methods to gather data

The application comes with a compact interface that holds all of its features in tabs, with support from the upper toolbar, managing to put all functions at your fingertips. There are several tests that can be conducted, with the possibility to save almost all gathered results to file for later processing.

Depending on your intentions, the application lets you search either by manually providing the server address in order to determine IP, or write down a range of IP addresses in order to retrieve server information. This can be done for one or more entries so you can keep an eye on multiple sites of interest.

Multiple operations to set in motion

Amongst the tools you get to work with count the possibility to ping a specific target, trace route, who is, get real time, IP inspector and more. Each come with their own window and a dedicated field to input the target URL. You can either choose from the ones already detected or add custom ones.

Little compatibility with latest tools

However, the application is also supposed to integrate in your preferred web browser, but the lack of updates made it fall behind, with the only supported browsers being Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera.

Unfortunately, it only seems to function when used with IE because it automatically retrieves files it handles. For the others, required files need to be manually set, but it's only a race in vain because these have changed throughout the years and are no longer used in that type.

A few last words

All things considered, FastNet99 comes equipped with a practical set of tools, including a scheduler for repetitive processes, but the lack of updates made practicability reach a halt, with several web browsers and latest Windows iterations alike. It still manages to provide some degree of feedback and detail, but advanced users are recommended to look for alternatives.

FastNet99 was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on November 3rd, 2014
FastNet99 - The main window allows the user to enter server addresses and to see the resultFastNet99 - The Edit tab allows the user to select multiple addresses, to verify them and to edit themFastNet99 - The Preferences window allows the user to set up the settings for the applicationFastNet99 - The Tools menu provides access to several useful utilities, such as ping, whois, traceroute etc

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