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A reliable and user-friendly software solution that can automatically eliminate all memory leaks in Firefox, Waterfox or Pale Moon

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Firemin is designed to help Firefox users who want to optimize the memory usage of their Internet browser. The program runs in the background and permanently checks the RAM in order to free as much as possible.

If you are working with multiple tabs Firefox tends to expand its memory usage with each page or resource loaded in the browser. Since not all the loaded resources are being unloaded from the memory when they are not required, the RAM occupied by your browser can sum up to an important size.

Since the computer RAM is a limited resource, it is recommended to optimize its usage in order to have maximum performance for all the applications. Firemin allows you to fix the Firefox memory leaks and keep the RAM usage to the minimum without affecting its performance.

The program provides you with an easy to use implementation of the EmptyWorkingSet API which is designed to purge all the unused memory from the specified application. The only required configuration is the time interval between two optimizations.

You can access the application’s options from the tray icon which also enables you to launch Firefox and manually optimize the memory usage. A useful feature is to launch Firefox automatically when Firemin is started. Unfortunately, we could not enable this option during our tests.

Firemin uses insignificant system resources and has little impact on the computer performance but dramatically reduces the RAM used by the Firefox browser. Although the effect depends on the number of tabs and the page content, the used RAM can be reduced to less than half when Firemin is active.

If you want to minimize the Firefox impact on the available system memory, you need to try Firemin and evaluate the effect by yourself.

Firemin was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 10th, 2015
Firemin - Firemin runs in the background, and you can access its system tray menu whenever you want to launch Firefox in SafemodeFiremin - You can access the Firemin Profiles window when you want to modify the default profiles for Firefox, Waterfox and Pale MoonFiremin - The Options window is the place where you can set Firefox to be launched automatically when Firemin starts

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