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Download Flickr images to your computer via batch actions, apply filters by date, user, tags, and photo sets, as well as preview the pictures using a slideshow

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Flickr AutoDownloadr is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you download Flickr images to your computer using batch processing.

User interface

The tool reveals a clean feature lineup but its dedicated parameters cannot be described as intuitive so you may need extra time to figure it out how you can tweak them. You can find details about the program’s capabilities in the ‘Readme’ file included in the package.

Use filters for grabbing Flickr photos

You are given the possibility to view images from all users or a single one. You can search for a user by name, ID or web address of their Flickr photo page.

What’s more, you can make the application show only photos containing certain tags. The ‘Related’ button helps you query Flickr website for related tags. The ‘Tag walk’ mode is designed specifically for automatically searching for interesting photos based on a random selection of tags.

Flickr AutoDownloadr lets you sort the identified images in a certain order, more specifically by the newest or oldest date when the images were taken or posted, or most/least interesting items. Precise date filters can be applied to narrow down the search results to photos taken or posted between user-defined dates.

Other important tweaks worth being mentioned enable you to look for a user’s favorite photo, grab recent images from all contacts or only friends/family, download a particular photo set from a certain user, grab files from a group, as well as view a slideshow of images from your computer.

The slideshow preview mode can be used for opening images from Flickr, while waiting for others to be downloaded on the disk. You can run it in a full screen mode, go to the next or previous picture, show date info, and change the transition speed and effect.

Downloading settings

Flickr AutoDownloadr allows you to pick the saving directory, set the maximum cache size, configure file naming rules, adjust the photo quality, login to Flickr, and download pictures to your computer without revealing a slideshow.


There’s no doubt that Flickr AutoDownloadr packs a handy suite of options for helping you download Flickr images but it still needs some GUI improvements to make the entire process more intuitive.

Flickr AutoDownloadr was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 29th, 2015
Flickr AutoDownloadr - This is the main window of Flickr AutoDownloadr that allows you to access all the featreus of the application.Flickr AutoDownloadr - From this tab of Flickr AutoDownloadr you'll be able to configure the application's running settings.

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