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An easy to use and reliable application that enables you to create a schedule and automate the process of uploading photos to your Flickr account

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Flickr Schedulr is a lightweight and intuitive application that can automatically post photos to your Flickr account, based on pre-set schedules and a picture queues. You need to set up a waiting list, then select the order in which you wish the photos to be posted. Also, the software allows you to create a recurring schedule for photo uploading.

Updating Flickr gallery

The software is a useful alternative to manually posting batches of photos and spending time configuring the picture folders. Flickr Schedulr enables you to automate the picture posting process, by creating a queue of photos or photo batches, then setting a posting schedule.

You need to simply mention the starting date, then the time interval for a new upload. The time interval can be a few hours or a few days. Additionally, a new post can be made every day or on selected days of the week. If the computer is shut down, you may set the software to ignore the schedule, or start the system, when a new upload is due.

Configure photo queues and events

The photo queue is the source of the automatic uploads. This means, that you can make any changes to the list, add or remove photos, before the upload. The pictures or batches of pictures are arranged in the order of the upload.

Not only can Flickr Schedulr schedule uploading photos to your online gallery, but it can prompt other events as well. You can configure certain conditions and specific actions that are triggered by them. Thus, Flickr Schedulr can triggered a photo editor program to open when a picture is rendered before being uploaded.

Additionally, you may delay the upload, or schedule other processes, whenever a new Flickr account is created, when personal information on Flickr has been refreshed or when a photo is about to be uploaded.


Flickr Schedulr is a user-friendly application, with a pleasant looking interface, that can help you save time, by automatically uploading photos or batches of photos to Flickr, according to a schedule. It can be useful when you need to upload large batches of images every day, or once a week, but you do not have the time to configure the posts.

Flickr Schedulr was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
Flickr Schedulr - Flickr Schedulr is a reliable software that can automate the process of uploading photos to your Flickr account, according to a schedule.Flickr Schedulr - You can configure a schedule for automatic photo updates, and arrange the batches of photos to the desired order of appearance.Flickr Schedulr - The software can prompt photo editing or running a specific program when a certain, pre-set condition happens.Flickr Schedulr - screenshot #4Flickr Schedulr - screenshot #5Flickr Schedulr - screenshot #6Flickr Schedulr - screenshot #7Flickr Schedulr - screenshot #8

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