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An easy to use and reliable application that notifies you when someone has removed you from their list of facebook friends, while running in the background

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Free Unfriend Finder is a simple to use application, that enables you view who removes you from their list of friends on facebook. It can track all the people who unfriended you and display them in a dedicated list.

Easy to use facebook related app

Even though the application works with facebook, it does not invade the list of your apps or post information on your behalf. Free Unfriend Finder is a desktop application that does not remember user names or passwords, but it does, however, require access to the list of your friends.

This way, it is capable of offering you information that is generally hidden, and it can communicate with facebook regardless of which browser you use to access your social network account.

Identify who unfriends you

Once opened, Free Unfriend Finder runs in the background and notifies you whenever someone in your list of friends has removed you from theirs. It can also detect if someone has erased you from their contact list. This way you can immediately find out who does not wish to be friends with you on facebook any more, instead of searching for them in your vast friends list.

List of friends

The software can display two lists: your current friends and people who have erased you from their friends list. You can clear the list of unfriends with one mouse click, or you can refresh the connection between the software and facebook. Logging out of Free Unfriend Finder does not log you out of facebook.


Free Unfriend Finder is a simple to use application designed to work with facebook and identify those people who have unfriended you. Whether you were removed from certain friends lists because your realtionship with them is damaged or because you became facebook aquaintances by accident, you can use Free Unfriend Finder and prevent surprises.

Free Unfriend Finder was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
Free Unfriend Finder - Free Unfriend Finder is a simple application that enables you to find the people who have unfriended you.Free Unfriend Finder - The program runs in the background and notifies you instantly when someone removes you from their list of friends.

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