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Get faster Internet performance by running a test to calculate the time it takes the browser to completely load the given webpage

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Full Speed is an optimization tool designed to boost Internet speed and tweak Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox settings for faster web browsing.

Initial speed test

The program initially performs a speed test, just to make sure that your computer needs to be optimized.

Just as expected, in 99 percent of the cases your computer does need optimization, so just hit the big red “Boost” button to apply the standard “Full Speed” mode.

In case you're using a dial-up connection, Full Speed boasts a separate optimization mode, so make sure to check the dedicated option in the main window.

Reset the changes applied to your web browser

Because it's critical to keep users on the safe side all the time, Full Speed also comprises a “restore to default” feature to get back to the original settings and thus reset any modification made by the app.

Check your Internet connection speed using different tests

Another useful tool packed into Full Speed is the speed test that provides three different modes to check the speed of your Internet connection: quick, medium and long. After performing any of these tests, you can see file details, time, connection quality, progress and speed.


Full Speed doesn't seem to provide a significant speed boost, but the application works flawlessly on all Windows workstations, while remaining very light on hardware resources, no matter the computer configuration.

Bottom line

All things considered, Full Speed is worth a try, but nothing more. It provides some basic optimization tools, but there are some other apps out there doing the same thing a lot better, with a great amount of customization features and information.

Full Speed was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Full Speed - Full Speed will help you quickly and easily get faster Internet performance within just a few clicksFull Speed - Users will be required to click on the provided advertisement in order to be able to access the Web + Optimize Test functionFull Speed - The test will calculate the time it took the browser to completely load the given web page and also what needs to be modifiedFull Speed

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