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Simple-to-use piece of software that helps you view your IP address and hostname and automatically send the information to clipboard as soon as the program loads

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Finding out your IP quick and easy isn't that difficult since there are many websites out there that do that for free. It usually comes down to loading one of these webpages and voila, you're IP is displayed.

But what if you wish to find your IP even easier, without having to open your browser every time? Meet Get IP, a dedicated application that does just that: it shows your local IP address.

Simple looks

Since the program has been developed to serve such a simple purpose, it comes with a very clean interface. The whole GUI is actually a small window in which you can view the hostname and the IP.

Configuration settings

Get IP also offers some extra functions so it can quietly sit in your system tray and pop out whenever you click on it. Also, you can have the hostname or the default IP address automatically sent to clipboard as soon as the program loads.

What's more, you can load the tool at Windows startup and run it in the background. This tiny utility can prove its usefulness especially when you want to allow someone to connect to a server you are hosting and you need to tell that person your IP address, something Get IP will do instantly.

Bottom line

The program is very easy to use and addresses all types of users who need to view and share their IP. The extra functions of Get IP further enhance its value so, if you're on the lookout for such a tool, this might be the right one.

Get IP was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Get IP - The main window of Get IP enables you to search for your IP address in an easy wayGet IP - From the Information tab you have the possibility to copy the hostname or the IP address and configure the optionsGet IP - The General tab enables you to set the application to open at startup and run in backgroundGet IP - You can navigate to the Loading tab if you want to copy the default IP address to clipboardGet IP - From the dedicated tab you are ablee to view the hostname and the IP address in the system tray

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