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Simple-to-configure program that helps you download Google maps, combine the small tiles into a larger image, as well as grab just a single photo

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Google Maps Images Downloader is a very simple software solution that can automatically download Google Maps and create large images that can be stored on the computer.

Basically, the program downloads small tile images based on the coordinates you provide and then combines them into a single and larger photo.

Easy-to-trigger download tasks

The interface, which otherwise is pretty easy to use, prompts the user to provide left and right longitude, as well as top and bottom latitude, but also to define zoom level and thread count. Just pick the path to save and you're ready to go.

Combine the small tiles into a larger image

Once the files land on your computer, you have the option to combine the images and thus create a large photo, but Google Maps Images Downloader also provides some other extras.

For instance, there's a dedicated tool to download just a single image, but also a so-called “Satellite Images Viewer” to check the coordinates you've provided in the main window.

Configuration settings

The “Options” menu allows you to set up the application to work with a proxy server, choose the file naming format, and define some default settings such as zoom level, threads count and path to save the files.

Testing its performance

It's no surprise that Google Maps Images Downloader runs on low computer resources and should be able to run just fine provided that it's connected to the Internet in order to download data.

Bottom line

As a conclusion, Google Maps Images Downloader is a handy software solution that serves its purpose quick and easy.

Google Maps Images Downloader was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Google Maps Images Downloader - This is the main window of Google Maps Images Downloader where you will be able to input the latitude and longitude.Google Maps Images Downloader - You can use this window when you want to change several default settings of the application.Google Maps Images Downloader - The Tools menu provides you with a set of useful features. Select the most appropriate one.

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