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Forget about manually checking and connecting to available Wi-Fi networks with this practical application that also skips you the effort on getting on your favorite web page

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Nonetheless there are times when you just happen to walk by with your laptop in your backpack but you need just a bit of Wi-Fi. Chances are available networks are password-protected, or the signal is just too weak. Internet Connector wants to skip you the effort of manually checking and taking the liberty of connecting to an available network for you.

Only a few options

The first advantage would be that there’s no need to go through the hustle and bustle of a setup process, because the application is portable and can even be run from an USB Flash drive. It’s also practical because it doesn’t stick its nose in your system’s registries, leaving no traces or sorts.

Apart from flexibility, the application offers a rather poor choice in design as far as the main window is concerned. It might even take a little while to load, and at first sight, it doesn’t seem to offer an awful lot. There’s and URL field, a few buttons, and whether or not to make it run on startup.

Automatically connects to preferred page

Taking everything for granted, once successfully connected to an available network, your default web browser brutally interferes with whatever it is that you are doing and displays the page you written in the URL field.

Now it’s not all bad, but it just won’t get minimized to the system tray, and doesn’t even leave a process running in the task manager if you close it. Whatever you do you need to reserve some space for it on your taskbar, so good thing it doesn’t take much space.

To sum it up

Considering all the above, Internet Connector comes with good intentions, but some improvements are sure to put it on the right track. Unless you need to get on a specific page no matter what, and ASAP, you might want to leave the field blank. Moreover, you still need to take the time with a password if there’s no generous donor around.

Internet Connector was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 29th, 2015
Internet Connector - This is the main window of Internet Connector where you can easily connect to a specific site

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