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It broadcasts your messages to millions of potential customers using IP lists




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IpMessage is designed to quickly send your message to millions of computers without the use of banner ads or email lists.

IpMessage is a feature-rich direct advertising program designed to deliver your messages directly to desktops.

IpMessage caster comes with a Huge Global database of IP addresses that covers more than 90% of the internet.

You can custom tailor your advertising campaigns by targeting them demographically with this extensive database!

With this type of system in place you can deliver your advertising messages to literally millions of new customers' desktops in real-time every day, and get immediate results unavailable using any other method

Here are some key features of "IpMessage caster":

■ ­IpMessage Caster can save project as a file, so you can resume the sending next time , this is a very important feature .
■ IpMessage Caster can be used to communicate with customers or potential customers in real-time.
■ IpMessage Caster comes with a large database of IP ranges you may send your communication to, covering 90% of the global Internet.
■ Your message pops up ON TOP of other applications, meaning your ad WILL be seen!
■ Delivery is QUICK - depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection, easily broadcast 150,000 messages per HOUR! (up to 600,000 messages per HOUR on a T2 or faster line).


■ Trial version allows sending only 2000 messages at once
■ nag screen
Last updated on August 4th, 2005
IpMessage caster - IpMessage Caster allows synchronous message sending to multiple addresses by simply typing the message and adding the broadcast list.

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