Log-me in1.0

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A simple and comprehensive computer program that enables you to bypass compulsory registration for websites you visit on a daily basis






Log-me in is a lightweight application designed to help you bypass the login section of websites, thus enabling you to avoid spam ads and the collection of private data.

It’s an app that installs in a matter of seconds and is ready to use immediately after. Log-me in doesn’t require any kind of configuration and should be accessible and easy to handle by anyone.

Once it is installed you can access it from the shortcut it sends to Desktop. The application displays a user-friendly interface in the form of a simple window from where you can enter the website address along with username and password credentials.

Multiple instances of the application can be run and when you are done, closing them only minimises the app to the system tray from where you can re-access it if needed.
Last updated on September 10th, 2007
Log-me in - The main window of Log-me in software where you will be able to enter the URL address that you want to login.

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