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A small and easy to work with URL launcher that enables you to create categories for your favorite websites and open them with a single click

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MultiWeb offers you an alternative to the bookmark manager of your browser, providing a simplistic interface that allows one-click access to all your favorite links.

Categorize your favorite URLs

The application can store all the links into a single place, enabling you to access any of your favorite webpages in an instant. The great thing is that you can categorize all the URLs and assign custom names to each of the created groups, in order to find the link you need much faster.

The user interface is very intuitive, split into two different panes that store the categories and the stored URLs. There are a few predefined groups that the application comes with, each with a list of recommended websites, but you can add new ones if you want to.

Easily create new browsing categories

Creating a new category is done by pressing the 'Add' button, which prompts you to enter the desired name. On the downside, there are no options for adding websites inside a category, at least not within the main interface. Thereby, in order to populate a category, you must browse to the 'Favorites' folder inside the installation folder and edit the text file that corresponds to that particular group.

Clicking on a stored URL immediately opens it in the default web browser, in a new tab, allowing fast navigation to the desired webpages. The same result is obtained if you press the 'Start' button within the main window.

An out-of-the-browser bookmark manager

MultiWeb is a tool that many users might find useful for storing their favorite links outside the browser, creating a backup of their bookmarks. However, having to edit some text files in order to add URLs to the list is quite uncomfortable.

MultiWeb was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 4th, 2014
MultiWeb - You can view all the categories and create new ones from the main window of MultiWeb.MultiWeb - Users can easily configure the time interval from the designated window of MultiWeb.

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